Youth Program Guide

One of the most incredible things that a firefighter or EMT will ever do is guide a young person as they

begin their career in the fire service. You will meet a young man or woman when they are in their

early teens and spend the next few years teaching, listening, and watching as that “kid” grows up

before your eyes.

The pay back happens when one day you’re hanging around at the station, the alarm bell rings, and

that young person you spent so much time with is sitting in the backseat of your fire engine gearing

up and getting ready to make entry with you into their first structure fire. That kid is now your back

up, your partner. You can take credit for the fact that they knew their skills before setting foot in a 36-

or 240-hour firefighter training program or EMT class. Hopefully that “kid” will go on to repeat the

process and help another young person join our fire service family.

As you review the information contained within these web pages, the Youth Programs Committee

would like to thank you, up front, for considering the development of a Fire Service Youth Program.

Those of us on the Youth Programs Committee believe these programs hold the key to the future

success of the fire and emergency medical services in Ohio. We are here to help you sell the idea to

your Chief, City Manager, Township Trustees, members of your department or anyone else who needs

convincing. Many of Ohio’s firefighters, EMTs, officers and Chiefs grew up in these programs and are

living proof of why they are important.

We have compiled from many sources the information found here and we hope you find it helpful. If

there is something missing, please let us know and we’ll try to locate the information you need. As

always, if you have questions, please feel free to ask. We’re happy to help.